3rd Annual Art Exhibition of Cubic School of Fine Arts
Date : 8 Feb to 17 Feb, 2008








It is great honor and pleasure to inaugurate this art exhibition. There are many ways of expressing one's thoughts and feelings, and art is an important and beautiful way of expression. I am happy to know that there are so many students taking part in refining their tool for expression.
Japan and Bangladesh have a long relationship in art. Tenshin Okakura,who had a strong influence on the Japanese modern art and the founder of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, was a very good friend of Tagore. There are four Japanese children participating in this exhibition and I hope that they will build on the relationship.
The great thing about this school is that students of different nationalities and generations present their work together. This environment provides a great opportunity for them, especially for children, to learn the differences as well as similarities through their work.
As the words Sonar Bangla, or golden Bangla, describe Bangladesh is a beautiful country filled with nature. I am very much impressed to see this beautiful nature captured through eyes of children.
I congratulate all the participants for their efforts and the Director, Mujahidul Hassan, for organizing this wonderful event.

Masayuki Inoue
Japan Embassy, Dhaka, Bangladesh



Cubic School of Fine Art is definitely doing a very good job for the past few years by guiding and inspiring people acquiring artistic skills. Art infact is required in every field of business.
It increase ones creativity and imagination which helps in presenting a thing nicely. A creative person can create new idea and innovate things which is necessary for our society.
So I admire Mr. Mujahidul Hasan for his work and congratulate him & the participants for presenting the art works before us.

Ms. Sharif Tashkia Rahman
Sar Securities Ltd. Corporate Member of Dhaka Sotck Exchange


Like every year, we have been successful in organizing the annual art exhibition this year. The unremitting labour of the students, their parents and the teachers has made this event possible.
Our main aim is to enhance the activity and imagination power of the students. We feel that art is the medium through which they can express their imagination and thought .By adding colours to their imaginations and feelings independently they can even make the small papers look lively. So we should make space for them to develop their independence.
We are trying incessantly to develop the interest of art practice among youngsters and older people through different exhibitions, workshops and festivals.
It is only through an exhibition that an artist can reveal his/her entity. Your inspirations will develop their interest for more beautiful art works. We hope you will enjoy the exhibition and your proper criticism will arise art practice among them.

Mujahidul Hassan (Rana)
Cubic School of Fine Art

2nd Annual Art Exhibition of Cubic School of Fine Arts
Date : 16 Feb to 22 Feb, 2007


Dr. Stefan Frowein, Head of Delegation; European Commission of Bangladesh
graced the occasion as chief guest and inaugurated exhibition



I am very pleased to inaugurate this art exhibition, which brings together works of art from young people and adult of different nationalities. Art is a truly human form of expression which, across all our differences, reminds us of our commonness. Yet art is not a natural ability: it requires teaching, practice, and cultivation to flourish.
Art is not an individual exercise, either, since human creativity and imagination cannot operate in isolation. Each work of art is necessarily inspired and influenced by others.
The Cubic School of Fine Arts should be commended for providing the facilities and training for interested people to develop their artistic skills together. I would like to congratulate the Director, Mujahidul Hassan, and all the student for creating these art works, which the public will now be able to enjoy.

Dr. Stefan Frowein
Delegation of the European Commission



Children are not born-artist. Their imagination and enthusiasm cannot be compared with anything. It is a difficult task to guide the young children to materialize their imagination into art works. Cubic School of Fine Arts is doing that job very efficiently for the past few years.
I am very happy to hear that Cubic is having its second Annual Exhibition.
I congratulate the participants and the organizer.

Naheed Akhter
Associate Professor
History of Arts
University of Dhaka


We are happy to arrange the 2nd Annual Art Exhibition. I am grateful to those who helped me to make the event possible.
The exhibition contains the year's best works done by the students and I hope they will give you pleasure.
Most of the students come to our school to learn for a short period. So our main objective is to create interest in art. If we fail to do so, their art practice may be effected. There are some alternative methods to bring out their creativities and make them dynamic. The exhibition is a part of the alternatives.
I hope, in future, in addition to art exhibition I will try my best to organize study tour, workshop on art and different activities to keep the continuity of art practice.

Mujahidul Hassan (Rana)
Cubic School of Fine Arts

1st Annual Art Exhibition of Cubic School of Fine Arts
Date : 28 Jan to 6 Feb, 2006



Kees Beemsterboer, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Bangladesh graced the occasion as
chief guest and inaugurated exhibition Ass. Prof. Shishir Bhattacharjee Institute of Fine Art,
Dhaka University was present as special guest



It is an honour and a pleasure for me to inaugurate this exhibition. I congratulate Rana and his team not only for organizing this exhibition but also for running his art schools. For children it is ever so important to develop their artistic talents and I know this is exactly what your pupils are doing thanks to your dedication. For adults too, art is an important part of life, which so often is dominated by more mundane concerns. I would therefore like to wish you all the best in your endeavours.

Kees Beemsterboer
Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Bangladesh



Cubic School of Fine Arts is presenting 1st annual art exhibition - definitely a good news for us. I congratulate all of the participants in the exhibition and hope this encouraging effort will be remarkable for all who have earnest interest to enrich their skill and concept about art.
My best wishes to Cubic School of Fine Arts.

Shishir Bhattacharjee
Associate Professor
Institute of Fine Art
Dhaka University


At first I should say thanks to those people who has assisted us a lot to reach at this level. Cubic School of Fine Arts has started its journey since 2003 at Kulutola, Old Dhaka, then at Gulshan-2 since 2004.
The main objective of my school is to increase creativity of a person. Moreover I believe that if a person knows about art he can come close to nature, understand social problem and feel grief of sorrow of common people. Above all he can feel and love beauty.
An exhibition helps an artist to express his creativity and thinking. Moreover an artist can show his talent in font of the whole world through an exhibition. So we will try to organize this kind of exhibition every year.

Mujahidul Hasan (Rana)
Cubic School of Fine Arts


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